dBm Communications offers a broad range of consulting services for both end users and two-way radio dealers. With unsurpassed expertise in two-way radio linked repeater systems, 911 radio dispatch consoles, digital and analog paging systems, digital trunked radio networks, extreme mountaintop repeater and solar power systems, high speed microwave data networking, voting and simulcast radio systems, satellite communications, and telemetry data systems, our highly specialized knowledge with complete vendor independence gives our clients the unbiased knowledge they need to make informed and confident decisions.


With the experience of designing hundreds of communications systems, totaling millions of dollars over the last 15 years, dBm Communications provides design solutions from very simple point to point path analysis, to extremely complicated fully engineered multi-site linked dispatch systems. With a keen ability to think outside the box, and a wide breadth of knowledge of existing systems and technologies, we provide robust communications system designs that align with our client’s budget and time constraints.


Working in the field for over a decade and having installed thousands of radio systems, our knowledge of time, budget, procurement and resource management as well as physical installation techniques, theory, safety and tooling enables our team to be extremely efficient, successful and professional. Having spent hundreds of hours working at helicopter access only mountaintop sites also makes us uniquely qualified to install equipment at the most harsh and rugged repeater locations in western Canada.


dBm Communications provides both maintenance agreement contracts as well as one off maintenance service. Having firsthand experience with all the major two-way radio brands such as Kenwood, Icom, Hytera and Motorola, high speed microwave products from Proxim, Aprisa, Cambium, Ubiquity and more, telemetry data radios from Cal-Amp, Xetawave, GE MDS, and Curry Controls Modpac, as well voice repeater products from TU-Wolf and Tait, and as a certified technician with Daniels Electronics / Codan along with Zetron Dispatch products, we provide our clients with a depth of knowledge rarely seen in our industry.